TV projects currently in  development with Hetty’s production company Palomino Productions Ltd



Hooked is a returnable 10-episode comedy-drama series. Fast-paced, surreal, absurdist but with room for the characters to breathe; turning a darkly comic eye on the private angst and public meltdowns of our over stressed society, set in a parallel Universe, Marylebone, London. An irreverent look at addictive personalities in search of the answer, creating the need for an ever-greater fix... and the exploitation of them by the predators within our cult of celebrity. Arrested Development meets The Singing Detective meets A Matter of Life and Death.


We currently have Michael Gambon and Simon Callow attached, along with Michael Rosenberg as an exec producer. 


Two families, parents in their 50's/60's, with grown up children. The Everlands are brash, self-made and nouveaux riche. Lemona is a recent television celebrity, now addicted to her fame, youth and beauty, via the expertise of the notorious plastic surgeon Dr Différent ( Simon Callow). Her husband, Roy from a mafia background, has built up an empire since coming to England, from New York, in the 80’s. Fiona and Bruce Rope-Sinclairs are upper-middle-class, entitled and spoilt, they haven’t grown up at all, are still into sex, drugs and rock & roll. Bruce is Tory Housing Minister, has a strong penchant for cocaine and the seamier side of life, whilst his wife is a hopeless co-dependant drunk. Tituila, their daughter, is anorexic, clinically depressed and always in search of the latest cult. She finds solace with Heseuse, the charismatic 'Orb Centric' guru. In their midst is the evil Dr Différent, known for his work within fashionable circles, a Machiavellian serpent, who ventures beneath the skin of each of his patients. Smooth as chocolate, he manipulates their vanity, trading youth and beauty, like a Faustian pact. Amongst the other eccentric characters/ leading roles are Alexei Sokolov, ( Michael Gambon) a lonely, ageing gay porn star from the 60’s, who has inherited a fortune from his boyfriend and the Shaker27 is our Angel / Narrator, who is currently transitioning between worlds( based on Jonny St.Cyr, one of Louis Armstrong's Hot Five). He has since been going through 'The Big Shleep', rehab for the soul, but before he can graduate to The Other Plain, he has to help individuals back on Earth... any excuse to break into song and dance he will, with his troupe Shaker and The Angels.


Director: Adrian Shergold.  Executive producers Hetty Baynes, Adrian Shergold and Michael Rosenberg (OBE). Script advisor Steven Tiller.


Bad dates is an 8 part returnable, 1 hour TV drama series. Our two main protagonists are Tasha (aka @Mermaid888) and William (aka @CoconutShy) . Tasha is a fifty something artist, living in trendy Notting Hill, bored by being single and enticed by a perspective suitor to join the dating site  "" 

William, an Indian OCD techno wizz, living in Primrose Hill, has been on the same site for some time with no luck, but continues to try.  Each episode, alternately follows Tasha and Will in their disastrous romantic pursuits and in the final episode they coincidentally meet each other in Regent's Park... The tone of the piece is quirky, humorous yet sinister "Modern Love" (US version) meets "Tales of the Unexpected" by" (Roahl Dahl 80s series). 



3 part Television drama series

It is 1955. A large mansion in South Devon in the mid-fifties, a middle-aged woman, Guinevere Saxmundham, resides there. She has inherited the estate from her parents, on their deaths two years before, they were certainly Bloomsbury intelligentsia.
The Banks family enter the picture and take a lease on the mansion; a charismatic family with four children. Guinevere meets Genevieve Banks, and the die is cast.

We enter the family life 7 years later 1962, much has changed since the Banks' arrival. The Beatles are playing, the world is changing but what we fall into and engage in is a family drama, full of deception, clandestine sexuality and betrayal. Helena, the youngest child, and a ballet prodigy, at 6 years old, rolls down a hill, and survives. She fell from a car. Did she fall or was she pushed ?The answer is key to our unravelling the puzzle of this story.

Domainey House, with its haunting magic, is certainly another character in the film.
This is a story of its time



Musical play version of A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. A modern adaptation, set in downtown Brooklyn, New York. With the focus being on the fairies:- Tatty& Bono (Titania and Oberon), who are squabbling over the custody of an orphan boy.

For theatre/ large tent. 


TV series thriller, set in the 1950s/2000's London.





WINTER NIGHT-BLUE RAIN: Poetry anthology/ song lyrics/ illustrations.


THE CONSORT: Collection of short Stories




THE INSATIABLE MRS KIRSCH- screenwriter- Film for Ziegler Production’s. director Ken Russell. 


Script advisor to Ken Russell for TREASURE ISLAND Tv film for Channel 4; MINDBENDER - feature film; ALICE IN RUSSIA LAND- TV film. 



3 Audiobooks for Sound Understanding production company with Simon Callow narrating, Hetty producing.

COUNSELS FROM MY HEART by Dudjom Rinpoche- Shambala Publications. 

GARLAND OF VIEWS by Padmasambhava and Jamigon Mipham. 

MICHAELANGELO GOD'S ARCHITECT by William E. Wallace published by Princeton University Press.




Hetty is a well-known British actress. Her prolific television/ film/theatre/radio career is available to view at and IMDB, at diamond management her acting agent is Lesley Duff.  Hetty took her MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck College London University (graduated 2015). She also studied BA Philosophy Birkbeck College London University 1986-1990 and BA Fine Art Central St Martins 1999/2000;