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Despite the world having gone completely mad with horrors in Israel we keep on going in our own reality and try to navigate a sense of normality, creativity and love.

My lovely collaborator and artist Maria Lusitano and I have given a fresh look to the website and now will update you on various pieces of news.

I took two art courses with Maria in the summer, the art is visible under given section, which were truly inspirational…using mythological, Jungian, I Ching, Tao te Ching wisdom and paintings.

Great news on the professional front I have two new agents…MRS ROBINSON for modelling – the more mature glamour of the older lady!! Super women running it Fleur and Rebi. And for voice overs fabulous Michelle at THE VOICE AGENCY, see links below for both…although I have yet to be visible on the site., because the voice reel and fashion shoot have yet to be completed, both scheduled for early November.

My TV series- whacky and ‘out there’ comedy-drama is nearly nearly…we have been so near at getting signed, but just not quite. You can see little glimpses under Producer/Writer…I have such an amazing cast, director and producer/production company…this is a test of tenacity in this also very crazy marketplace, of strikes and overspent streaming channels…

My other series BAD DATES I am just fine tuning before that is pitched out into the world, this is also described under Writer.

Another piece of news is that I have been appointed as an Ambassador for KIFFEST_ 23/24…Kingston Film Festival and really excited to be part of this fantastic TV and film festival, which will happen next summer. I’ve been invited to go to ARRI stage a virtual film studios next week and will report back on Novembers newsletter.

Also getting involved with several charities which, again I will update in November.

Wishing you all a golden Autumn and the last of the summer sun…

Hetty xx

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